Country Cavoodles

Country Cavoodles is a small family business that is dedicated to producing the best quality, 1st generation Cavoodles puppies. 

They are not just dogs to us, they are family. We have had the privilege of seeing the personalities of our adult dogs grow from young puppies into great adults. We as a family have a saying that our dogs are 'Free Ranged', they have never been caged and they are free to run where ever choose. Our number one priority is to produce the best quality family pets. 

Cavoodles (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Miniature Poodle), are very intelligent, friendly and seek human companionship. All of our Country Cavoodles puppies have been born and raised in our family home amongst young children. We have made it a priority, to make sure that all our puppies are very well socialized. All puppies are introduced to young children at our local kindergarten, local school, senior citizens club and local parks. They are comfortable in all social environments.

Country Cavoodles is a small registered business with the AAPDB. We are located in the Northern area of Victoria. just over 30 minutes from Melbourne airport, Tullamarine.

Country Cavoodles will not sell puppies to any pet shop. They will only go to loving family homes.


About Cavoodles

Cavoodles are a small dog that has a thick and curly coat. The Cavoodle is a cross breed of a pure breed Caverlier King Charles and a pure breed Toy/Miniature poodle. this breed is suitable for all ages and most lifestyles. its temperament is of a gentle nature. it may have a tendency to want a significant amount of attention and special treatment.  Cavoodles are undoubtedly very cute, not all Cavoodles will look the same. Cavoodles have a like span of 10-14 years and their maintenance is minimal.

Puppies for Sale

Country Cavoodle puppies come vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed and vet checked.

Puppies cost from $3,499 (price may depend on colouration) and come with a puppy pack valued at over $500, which includes some of the essential items to help your puppy settle in.

Country Cavoodle Dog Grooming

Country Cavoodle also provide a Dog Grooming service. Please drop us an email and we'll happily provide a quote.

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